7 Best Copy Trading Platform Providers for Brokers in 2024

We have been developing the solution all these years, expanding its features, and improving it with all the newly acquired knowledge and skills. Today, in 2023, Social Trading is so different from its first version that these two may be considered as Complete Record Of Top Crypto Taps two different products in some way. This concentration, elaboration, and consistent development in one specific area helps our specialists and the company to gather the expertise necessary for the continuous development of a specific technology.

copy trading solution

With this copy trading type, the system calculates the ratio of volume to copy based on the amount of assets the investor allocates for copy trading. The volume of a trade copied into the investor’s account is determined by the ratio of assets allocated for copy trading by the investor to the trader’s available assets (equity). Copy Trading offers expert traders the opportunity to maximize their profit by sharing their strategies with beginner, intermediate, and even other expert traders to copy them. It is also a great solution for traders who are still gaining experience in the field or those who simply don’t have the time to trade by themselves.

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Leverate’s SIRIX Social is the company’s proprietary Forex social trading platform, offered as a part of its SIRIX trading suite. The company provides an extensive array of trading products and solutions, comprising liquidity options, trading platforms, CRM systems, and risk management instruments. Aimed at empowering brokers, these services are meticulously designed to elevate the quality of their offerings, ensuring superior performance.

In the highly competitive world of Forex brokerage, embracing innovation is key to maintaining and expanding market share. Copy trading offers Forex brokers a unique opportunity to attract and retain clients while increasing trading volume. However, it’s crucial to approach this innovation with caution, ensuring regulatory compliance and providing clients with the necessary education about the risks involved.

Copy Trading

Our team will be available to address any technical issues, provide regular updates, and assist you with any questions or concerns that may arise. We will provide you with a comprehensive list of the information and materials we need to proceed with setting up the platform. During our consultation, we will go through the list together and ensure that we have all the necessary details. Open doors to a new client segment by attracting money managers to your feature-rich Social Copy Trading platform. An active trading community and broad strategies will ensure a more profitable outcome. Here are four tips for successful copy trading to ensure copiers get the best outcome.

copy trading solution

Enjoy fast and reliable support for prompt issue resolution, ensuring a seamless user experience and client satisfaction. Yes, if registered as a trader account with the copy trading platform. Traders should always trade with a broker that offers the funding and withdrawal methods they prefer. Low-cost online payment processors offer the best service for most traders.

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It offers integrated libraries for routing, forms, client-server communication, and more. Explore new opportunities for your brokerage with copy trading — a strategic tool that boosts client success and advances your business. A developer of turnkey technological solutions for brokers from over the world, Brokeree Solutions, has introduced a new version of its Social Trading platform.

Copying trader (Investor) copies the trades of experienced traders, and in case the copied trades are profitable, they share a percentage of the profit with the trader in the form of a commission. The amount of commission for copying is set by the trader and displayed in the ranking. Social trading emerges as a powerful tool to prevent clients from leaving.

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Our in-house team analyzes your needs to provide new features and optimize your trading experience. Once the process of opening an account and connecting it to the copy trading platform is completed, you’ll see why copy trading is so appealing. You can start with as little as $100, although you might find that your opportunities will be limited with that amount of capital. If you find a successful trader to copy, copy trading can certainly be profitable. However, trading in general is inherently risky, and copy trading is no different. Simply scroll back to the top of the profile page of the signal provider and hit the yellow “Copy” button.

  • Traders may also quit at any time, leaving copiers to scramble for new providers.
  • It is also available for purchase as server licences, giving brokers the flexibility to choose the best model for their business.
  • It developed from automated trading in 2005 and grew in popularity among retail traders.
  • Hypothetical performance results have many inherent limitations, some of which are described below.

Thorough vetting of these providers is necessary to uphold the integrity of the copy trading platform. UpTrader’s copy trading solution – UpTrader Invest – is a combination of PAMM, MAM and social trading technologies, providing brokers with access to a variety of successful traders for their users to follow. The platform is compatible with popular trading platforms such as MT4, MT5, DXTrade, and cTrader copy trading. Social Trading platform is based on the idea of copying trading signals.

Keep users informed with system notifications and other relevant updates, ensuring they never miss important information. M4Markets is operated by Trinota Markets (Global) Limited, a company regulated as a Securities Dealer by the Financial Services Authority of Seychelles with license number SD035. The card transactions are processed by VHTM Services Limited, an entity of the Oryx Group, with registration no. HE , which is located at Archiepiskopou Makariou III, 160, 1st Floor, 3026 Limassol Cyprus. Copy-trading is a method of trading where, you, the end user doesn’t do any of the actual trading. Trading requires knowledge and experience, but with copy-trading you can put your best researching skills forward and find someone to do all the hard-work for you.

copy trading solution

It can be a good idea to follow a professional trader with more technical expertise than you do given the relative youth of the cryptocurrency trading market. It makes sense to replicate their moves if you don’t have enough experience trading cryptocurrencies. Before discovering how to copy trade, you need to know some basic information about this trading model. That is, trading automatically involves replicating the transactions of other traders. This method is frequently used for newcomers who may not understand how to trade, with the added benefit of helping to teach them along the way.

The company also offers bespoke solutions tailored to the specific needs of its clients. Social trading signals refer to real-time trading information generated by experienced and successful traders within a social trading platform. These signals typically include details about specific trades, such as entry and exit points, as well as the underlying assets involved. Traders who provide these signals often share their strategies and insights with the broader community, allowing less experienced investors to replicate or follow their trades.

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One way to try and mitigate this risk is to use multiple providers, preferably with different trading strategies/styles to achieve diversification. Copy trading has become increasingly popular among traders in recent years, creating a demand for brokers who offer this service. Incorporating copy trading into Forex brokers’ services can attract a wider audience of potential clients. Match Trader is a well-established player in the trading platform market, with a history dating back to 2015. Their trading platform, a standalone system with its own backend infrastructure, was initially released as an institutional platform and has since evolved to cater to retail brokers with a white label option.

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