Empowering Veterans with Care.

At Opportunity Medical, we empower Veterans through personalized care. Our network of dedicated, board-certified physicians conducts face-to-face C&P exams.


What is Opportunity Medical?

At Opportunity Medical, our primary mission is to offer dedicated support to Veterans who have endured injuries during their honorable military service. After filing a disability benefits claim, VA might ask Veterans to perform a VA claim exam, also known as a compensation and pension (C&P) exam.

This examination is used by VA to determine the Veterans’ eligibility for benefits and the level of compensation. We specialize in facilitating access for Veterans to a network of proficient, board-certified physicians located across the United States. Our goal is to provide comprehensive C&P exams in a personalized, face-to-face setting.


Our Mission

Opportunity Medical’s noble mission is to offer steadfast support to the brave Veterans who have selflessly dedicated themselves to our great nation. Our expertise lies in catering to the needs of Veterans who have submitted claims for VA benefits and require a Compensation and Pension (C&P) examination.


Our Services

Comprehensive Care for Veterans’ Physical and Mental Health. Face-to-Face Assessments and Precise Support for Disability Benefits.


We address musculoskeletal issues to enhance mobility and alleviate discomfort in Veterans.


Our care extends to internal organs, relieving pain caused by conditions like scarring, arthritis, and more.


We offer comprehensive support for a range of psychological conditions, including PTSD.

Face-to-Face Assessments

Our certified medical professionals conduct personalized disability medical evaluations for Veterans in private settings.