Opportunity Medical Physicians

We have team of qualified physicians

Dr. Jarchi

Board Certified Internal Medicine And Specialized In Palliative Medicine Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Chen

Board Certified Psychiatrist Huntington Beach, CA

Dr. Joachim

Board Certified Internal Medicine San Diego, CA


Nurse Practitioner Virginia Beach, VA


Physician Assistant Sacramento, CA

Dr. Hamidani

Board Certified Internal Medicine Riverside, IL

Clinicians are being recruited in all states.​

If you are interested in expanding your patient base and conducting Disability Benefit Evaluations for our valued veterans, all while receiving competitive compensation for your services, kindly complete the questionnaire provided below. Comprehensive training will be made available to ensure you are well-prepared for this role.

Opportunity for Medical Professionals Opportunity Medical invites qualified medical practitioners and healthcare facilities to become part of our extensive nationwide network, dedicated to assisting local veterans who require the expertise of a personal physician for their disability medical assessments.

It’s important to note that these assessments do not involve diagnoses, treatment, prescription, or ongoing patient care. They are one-time evaluations designed to assess the effect of an existing disability on a veteran’s overall health.